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Short Beard Care Tips

Not everyone is into the look and feel of the long beard. We know a lot of our bearded brothers out there prefer the route of the short beard look. With that in mind, we’ve cooked up a post highlighting some tips for those of you sporting the short beard.

Beard Care for Short Beards

Let’s kick this post off with something that may seem obvious but still needs to be said. Short beards are still beards! Just because you aren’t walking around looking like Thor doesn’t mean you don’t want what’s best for your facial hair. Short beards need tender loving care too!
Frequent combing and brushing can really bring life to a short beard. Our brushes and combs are only made of the highest quality products and will bring a smile to your short beard.
We recommend our beard oils and beard balm to give your short beard all the nutrients it needs to live its best life. Our Day Liquid Gold Tonic has a gentle, fresh scent that will give your short beard the delicate glow that beards love. Top it off with a bit of our Gentlemen’s Scruff balm for a little extra short beard sweetness!

Short Beard Styles

There’s more than a few looks at your disposal if you’re a short beard type. An always popular look is the “short and scruffy” short beard. Easy to grow for most and doesn’t take a lot to maintain. You’ll still want to treat this short beard with some high quality balm.
Another short beard style is the short boxed beard. This looks pleasant on most faces and the best news is how simple it can be to maintain. A short box beard will still respond really well to products like beard wash and beard conditioner so you’ll want to stock up on these supplies if you’re rolling with a short boxed beard.
An extended goatee is another short beard style. With less hair on the face maintain, this one might be the go-to for a facial hair minimalist. As with the short boxed beard, you’ll still want to hit this one with products to keep it looking its best.

Are You Going to Grow it Out?

Is your short beard merely a pit stop on the way to a longer beard? You’re in luck - The Beard Struggle has a long list of products here to help you grow your short beard into a long one!
When it comes to taking a short beard to a long beard, there is no better product on the market right now than our Gentlemen’s Scruff Balm. The energetic sensation you’ll get when applying this balm to your short beard is nothing short of perfect.