Cologne Oil Sampler Kit
Cologne Oil Sampler Kit

Cologne Oil Sampler Kit

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Explore a world of scents with our Cologne Oil Sample Kit, a curated collection of our most captivating fragrances: Asgardian Secret, Viking Storm, Alfheim Forest, Vanir's Wisdom, and Aesir's Triumph.

Crafted for depth and longevity, our oil-based colognes are 6 times more concentrated than traditional options, offering 24 hours of enduring aroma without harsh chemicals.

Perfect for those seeking a moisturizing, long-lasting fragrance journey. Embrace the essence of adventure and discovery with each unique scent.

Worried about going overboard? Thanks to our handy roller applicator, you’re no longer stuck spraying too much (or too little) cologne, you can apply the perfect amount every time.

Just roll on your wrists or palms, rub them together, and brush against your clothing and your neck. Easy and a little bit subdued.

You can also check out the full-sized Concentrated Cologne Oil.

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