Firstly, my apologies if you've read today's blog headline and immediately ran for the hills in fear of a beard massacre. That wasn't, nor would it ever be my intentions. The focus of today's blog is to try and get a better understanding of how it feels when you first say goodbye to your trusty beard and reach for the razor waving it goodbye down the plug hole...


The most common reaction you're likely to feel when axing away your facial forest is deep sadness followed by instant regret. Speaking from personal experience I was literally brought to tears when I looked in the mirror and spotted a reflection of a face I just didn't recognise as myself anymore. I know some of you might laugh at that (And maybe rightfully so!) but first and foremost this wasn't something I had planned to do. There wasn't any hidden reasons as to why I needed to shave it off, it was merely a simple at home D.I.Y beard trim that went terribly wrong. Which left me with no little choice other than to start over again. When speaking to a fellow bearded friend of mine who was at the time in the armed forces, he often voiced his upset on having to maintain a clean shave as it was mandatory within his position. Somewhat unfair yet left with no other choice. When he was back home on leave he would allow his beard to grow out and rather enjoy doing so. When he left the armed forces he soon became the bearded man he so rightfully desired to be, and to this day he has never looked back, as he continues to grow a rather splendidly kept beard.


When you first unearth the face that has been hidden behind your facial gruff for all them months if not years there is a high chance that the skin may now be much more sensitive than it once was before. Some folks may even have a rather nasty shaving rash that can take a little time to clear up and heal. Dry skin (what would usually form into beard-ruff!) might also be found on your face and neck too. If for some crazy reason you're still considering a 'beard free' lifestyle these areas usually take around a week or so to clear up. but if you ask me, this only further solidifies the reasons why a beard should always remain upon a gentleman's face forever more.


When it comes to our family and loved ones you'll often find more disapproving comments against the beard rather than positive ones supporting it, more so in the earlier stages of growing out. And whilst everyone loves to have some form of opinion, once you've taken a razor to your beloved beard you might be surprised at people's honest reactions. My wife convinced herself that she was not a huge fan of my newly chosen furry face all those years ago. So much so that when I said I was considering having a trim she was all for it. That was until things went wrong and I had no choice other than to clean shave and start all over again. Hiding behind a towel she thought I was joking to start, that was until I dropped the towel (yes, I was as naked as the day I was born! I'll let that sink in for a minute...) and her face spoke a thousand words. She tried to be polite when saying 'It's ok, I like it!' but I know her better than anybody and instantly knew she was just trying her hardest to be polite about the situation. After a little time my wife openly admitted she didn't dig the 'moon-faced' clean shaven look, and now much prefers me with a my big ginger beard opposed to being without.


You'll likely feel a little lost without your beard. As truth is, it's not just hair to the beholder. Beards reflect our individually as a person and our image. When you're having a bad beard day (yes, the do happen to the best of us!) it might seem like a good idea to trim it down or even worse chop it off. But when the deed has been done (or better still, the murderous beard massacre!) the results that you are left with might not be as sunny as you may have first thought they would be. So, in short...unless you are 100% certain you want to kiss goodbye to the bearded life, then don't do it! We naturally don't support the idea of chopping off any beards, in fact rather the opposite. You'll find everything you need to maintain and sport an epic viking beard in our exclusive online store.

Let's be honest, this list could go on for sometime! But for today we shall come to a close. As always let us have your thoughts and beard stories in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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