There is never a good reason to shave off your beard. Be it a trimming session gone wrong or a bump on the head, taking a razor to one's face is never the answer. But from time to time these things sadly happen which often lead onto a whole host of reactions from your friends and family once you expose your new found 'nakey face' to the world. So, today I wanted to take a little lighthearted look at the world from beyond the beard, as we discuss What Happens When You Shave Your Beard Off?...


When you first began to grow a little face fuzz many folks may have questioned your reasons for doing so. But over time your friends and family have grown rather attached to your face forest, so much so that if you were to shave it off on a whim, you might find that people now struggle to recognise you and your new bald face. Truth be told, many of our friends and loved ones rather dig our beards, even if they don't admit it, and living side by side with a clean shaved face after years of kicking it with a 'beardo' might prove a little tougher than first thought. Proving that beards rule forever more.


So, you've chosen to bald it alone and took the scary choice to shave off your beard. But what happens when you are in deep thought and you reach up to twiddle on that reliable fuzzy beard of yours? You'll not get a handful of trusty beard that once was, but instead you'll be greeted with a cold naked face. Whenever I'm in deep thought, or pause momentarily whilst writing out these blogs, I find myself reaching for my beard to give it a little fondle. It seems to help clear away any thought cobwebs I may have, whilst helping me adjust accordingly to continue. The very thought alone of not having a handful of fuzz when it is most needed is concerning. So rather than make such a nightmare a reality, you're probably better off sticking with your wonderous beard.


Once you have shaved away your beard and taken a long hard look at yourself in the mirror, your emotions might get the better of you as you come to the realisation that you now resemble a young school boy. A few years ago I had a D.I.Y trimming disaster which left me with little to no choice other than to shave off my year old beard and start over. Instantaneously I was devastated to my core. I went from bearded man to naked faced child in a matter of minutes, which caused quite a storm within my family and social circles. I'd always proudly sported my ginger beard loudly. So to convert back to being without my face fuzz was a tough transition as I patiently awaited it's return. My wife hated it, although she was extra polite about things, and my kids were very vocal on how wrong it looked to see me without a beard. Rather than run the risk of suffering a similar fate, I suggest you maintain that beard, and recommend you never shave again. Ever.


Take a look at your driver's licence and passport and the chances are you look unrecognizable since you decided to grow out your face forest. Going from naked face to bearded gent seems to be rather accepted across the border. But go from bearded to naked face does not grant you the same privileges. If you were to get I.D'd by the cops or as proof of age when picking up a few beers at the store, you might find they struggle to see your photo I.D as being you. I find myself looking through old photos and wish I had grown out my beard much sooner. Even in my wedding photos I don't even slightly resemble the big bearded fellow I am today. My family and friends often note how young and unrecognizable I looked, whereas I only find myself questioning as to why I didn't choose the bearded life sooner. And trust me, if you've been bearded for sometime you're almost guaranteed to instantly regret shaving away your face fuzz, and chances are you'll start growing out that stubble right away.

That's another beard blog coming to a close for today my furry faced Brothers and beardy admirers. Let us know you're thoughts and add your two pennies in the comments section you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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