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Ever walked into a crowded bar where men tip their hats to you and women’s knees wobble like a newborn giraffe when they do a double-take in your direction?

If you have a burly beard, then this might sound like a typical Friday night. If not, then I’m willing to bet your face is as bare as the asses at a nude beach. 

Fear not! We’re here to convert your shameful complexion into a manly beard that would make Odin sacrifice his other eye out of pure jealousy.

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Now with the holiday season looming around the corner, many men out there may have things on their mind other than engagement rings and Christmas. The reality is that if you are not practicing proper care and etiquette when dealing with food this holiday season, you will end up with a dirty beard. That is why I came up with six tricks to eating and drinking with a beard – Thanksgiving Edition. Read more to find out how!
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