Whilst the musing of 'Black Friday' begins to restore a little normality in our lives (and email inboxes), we can all breath a small sigh of relief that we have once more weathered and survived the manic madness that is 'Black Friday'. Whilst it is rather nice to grab a bargain during such times, it can prove getting out of many of these jam packed stores alive enough of a prize to the most of us. Were you one of the lucky ones who took advantage of our generosity and snagged yourself a bargain during our exclusive online 'Grey Thursday' or 'Black Friday' deals? No? Then worry not, due to popular demand we have one final gift to grant you, our marvelous furry faced customers...

Here is our very last offer to behold during the 'Black Friday' craze, introducing 'The Beard Struggle' - 'CYBER MONDAY SALE'.

This is your last call to treat yourself some much needed 'TBS' premium beard care products. From premium oils, to 'scruff' boosting tonic balms. Or why not spruce up your wardrobe gear by purchasing yourself or a loved one an early Christmas treat in the form of an exclusive beard related tee? And in doing so you'll save yourself 10% OFF OUR ENTIRE STORE! Sounds good, don't you think? Well, that's not everything. Because we love your wonderful beard almost as much as you do, we're also going to extend our hand and offer FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING TO THE USA AND CANADA!

So, if you've been tempted to place that order with us for sometime but have been hesitant in doing so, then nows your time. Check out our unique range of premium beard oils, tonic balms, beard washes and conditioners. We're so confident with our premium range that we honestly believe once you have tried us, you'll never want to leave us again. Still a tad unsure? Then why not visit our exclusive online store and see what our following of loyal customers have to say for themselves in their honest feedback reviews.

Are you looking for that hard to find gift for the handsome bearded fellow in your life? Then browse our store for everything you could possibly need to put a smile on that furry face this Christmas. As previously stated, the 10% offer spreads throughout our entire store, and includes our exclusive number one selling natural dark wood hand crafted 'TBS' beard combs that are stocked in strictly limited numbers. So, go ahead and snap yourself a bargain whilst you can, because when this offer has finished, it'll be gone for good.

Thanks to all of you who have continued to be a part of 'The Beard Struggle' Viking family, your custom and loyalty has been paramount, and for this we are forever grateful.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...