Every now and again the internet will explode with some form of 'scientific study' or 'survey' which usually bashes our beards into oblivion, with what can usually only be described as false claims and beard discriminatory comments. The internet at times can provide the perfect 'poking stick' for the guy at the office with a smart mouth and spiked tongue, who simply loves to take cheap shots at your 'scruffy bearded appearance', or the family member who has a hunch when it comes to your furry face. Thankfully every so often a diamond can be found amongst the ruff, and today is one of those moments where I can happily report something that supports us and our love of beards, rather than hack away at it's existence. As new found studies have suggested bearded men make for better long lasting relationships in comparison to our clean shaven counterparts, and here's why the study suggests so...

According to a new study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, fellows who sport facial hair are more likely to be considered long-term relationship material in comparison to those who are clean shaven, better known by our blog as 'nakey faces'. The study was conducted by the University of Queensland, Brisbane, which surveyed a whopping 8,600 females, all of which unanimously displayed a higher interest for a man with facial hair when asked to rate between the mixture of bearded and clean shaven males, based on attractiveness and on a spectrum of relationship longevity. Yep, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. PREFERRED. BEARDS.

So, what is it about our wonderous beards that seems to hold the key to a woman's heart? According to research women biologically prefer a man's face to be neither 'too masculine' nor 'too feminine', and it would certainly seem that our marvelous beards can deliver the perfect balance when it comes to a female's personal preference.
We have covered certain subjects in previous beard blog posts, from the good, the bad to the damn right ugly. But when we are granted positive press it would of course be criminal of us not to report such findings in favour of our 'face forests'.

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