We all often wish things were that little bit bigger. Be it your lunch, your bank balance, your hotdog, I mean, who wants a small hotdog? (The food kind, keep it clean!) where else are you supposed to place your onions and mustard? And more often than not we wish our beards could grow bigger a little quicker.

facial hair
So what if I told you your bedroom activities could help improve your beard game? I kid you not, It is believed that a healthy sex life can up the ante when it comes to facial hair growth, let me begin to explain...

If you suffer from patchiness, slow rate of growing or both of the above, fulfilling your sexual needs could help flourish out a thick, fuller beard that any lumberjack would be proud of.

facial hair growth

But how did we come to such a conclusion? Well, it all comes down to Science. Researchers agree that testosterone is the key hormone that is primarily responsible for a man's body hair growth. From hairy chests, fuzzy backs, beards, to the hair that grows on your head.

Higher levels of physical activity boosts your body's testosterone levels. We're not talking a little 'power walk' every now and again, but something that really breaks out a heavy sweat. Like a regular visit to your local gym, jogging/running, a long bicycle ride, or something equally as demanding on the body.

When your body produces testosterone it is released within your body, which also includes each tiny hair follicle which in turn, will encourage them to work faster, therefore encourages quicker beard enhancement. There are significant boosts in your testosterone levels after sex has occurred, it's also believed your body works overtime during the anticipation of sex too, which will also kick your testosterone into overtime.

So, in short, what does this mean? Let us break everything down. Testosterone is a key ingredient to your beards growth. The higher the testosterone level the faster hair follicles will grow. Sex heightens your body's testosterone production levels. A regular sex life has been proven to amp up your levels, which can only be a plus to your beards overall wellbeing.

But let us be clear, having sex isn't the only way you can increase your testosterone levels. Most demanding exercises will also work a charm and do the trick equally as well.

Not that any hot blooded male should need an excuse for a little nookie with our loved ones every now and again, but what an added bonus that is! So, get those testosterone levels pumping, Brother. You beard deserves it!

That sees another beard blog come to a close for today my furr-iends and fuzzy face admirers. Have a burning beard related question you'd like to see featured in a future blog post topic? Or have some feedback you'd like to share with us? Get in touch in the comments section you'll find waiting for you below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...