Having a spot of bother finding yourself a partner to date with? well, grow a beard for the win we say!

A new study (yes, yet another study about beards, amazing isn't it!) has been released from The University of Queensland in Australia which analyzed the sexual attractiveness of men with varying lengths of facial hair, the study conducted the preferences from both homosexual and hetrosexual folks of which confirmed that for both men and women, a man with a smartly kept beard was considered to be much more sexier in comparison to those who were promoting 'clean shaven' faces.

The University study duly noted that - "Including homosexual individuals provides a unique opportunity to investigate whether evolved mating psychologies are specific to the sex of the individual or sex of the partner."

It seems these recent findings determine that facial hair produced a much stronger sexual response from the participants compared to those of which were clean shaven. However, it also confirmed that length does indeed matter. Women that were attracted to the more 'furry kind' of gentlemen were noted to prefer light stubble for a hot and lustful one night stand. Whereas a fuller beard upon a man was still considered sexy, ranking 'the lumberjack' appearance a much better companion for a long term relationship. A furry face was said to indicate a male’s ability to compete for resources and up his survival skills. It is no secret that a man who grows facial hair also displays he is a patient man, as it takes hard work, time and dedication to sprout out ones facial whiskers.

The study also highlighted that gay men showed an even stronger preference and attraction than the women for facial hair.

“Homosexual men preferred hairier stimuli than heterosexual women, supporting past findings that homosexual men have strong preferences for masculine traits,” suggests the report's findings.

Males who participated in the study indicated a higher attraction to a possible mate who had a similar degree of beard t themselves. However, the reported quantity of desired facial hair was somewhat thicker than their actual partner's. The study also noted that not everyone ended up with their "ideal choice" of lover, and life often requires a little compromise every now and again.

The University of Queensland, Australia polled around 1,600 men and women in total from Brazil and the Czech Republic. It was first published in March 2017 in The Journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

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