The Beard Struggle Scent Guide: How to Choose?

How to Choose a Beard Oil Scent

You’ve made the decision to treat your beard like the star it is but now you have questions. Why even use beard oil in the first place? How do I choose which beard oil scent is right for me? What are the best smelling beard oil scents?

Not only do we carry the very best in beard care products, including the best smelling beard oil scents, we have all of the answers to your questions below. Keep reading, bearded friend!

Why Use Beard Oil?

There’s many reasons to regularly apply beard oil, one of the primary ones being the scent. We’ll discuss that in more detail later and focus on the health and look benefits of beard oil for now. 

For starters, our Day Tonic gives your beard added volume, shine and UV protection which is crucial for keeping your beard healthy. Since our Day Tonic uses a non-greasy, lightweight formula you’re going to get all-day softness in return. The only thing better than a soft beard is a soft beard that smells great (more on beard oil scents in a minute).

We don’t stop there - our Night Elixir is specially formulated to nourish your beard and lock in moisture overnight. This is the perfect oil to finish your daily beard-care routine. Don’t be surprised if you dream better and sleep deeper with the right beard oil scent riding shotgun with you under the covers. 

Choosing a Beard Oil Scent

Since your beard sits right underneath your nose, we think it’s only right that you find a beard oil scent that you absolutely love. While your beard oil scent of choice doesn’t have to necessarily define you as a person, it can accent your vibe in a way most accessories cannot. 

Are you a natural energetic person with a positive vibe? Viking Honor, with it’s suave, intoxicating effect, might be your beard oil scent. Maybe you’re more down to earth and spirited? Your beard oil scent, Viking Storm, contains Sandalwood undertones which pairs nicely with what you’re all about. Perhaps you want to go the minimalist route and you want your beard oil scent to be nonexistent but you also want the benefits of applying high grade products to your beard? You cannot go wrong with Loki Unscented. 

Whatever you’re about, we are confident we have a beard oil scent that matches and accentuates your personality.

The Best Smelling Beard Oil Scents

The best smelling beard oil scents are ones that are not too strong, that sit just perfectly on the spectrum of smells. The Asgardian Secret is most certainly a candidate for our best smelling beard oil scent. It’s a woodsy intricate blend of sandalwood, vanilla and bergamot (which has a naturally distinctive, heady fragrance and flavor). This beard oil scent gives you a sensual, soft, harmonious, and exotically rich smell that promotes an exhilarating sensation. When it comes to beard oil scents, it’s going to be very hard to beat The Asgardian Secret.

The Right Way to Choose
the Right Scent to Use

Choosing the right scent for your beard enables you to capture and express your unique style and individuality in a strong yet subtle way.

As you know, beards aren’t just for looks. That’s just the beginning of the experience.

It’s those moments that bring you physically close to someone… that’s when you want your beard to look, feel, and smell terrific.

After all, smell is the strongest human “memory” sense because of the powerful effect it has on our brains.

Memories last forever when linked to enjoyable aromas. One whiff can bring back “instant recall” of wonderful times.

That’s why we’re proud of our impressive line-up of scented beard oils for Beard Vikings like you.

We know they’ll make a powerful impact and a lasting impression on all who come near you to admire your beard.

We invite you to give them all a try and see which one is your favorite.

Let us introduce you to them now…

To recap our beard oil scents, here’s a quick guide of what we offer at The Beard Struggle. All of our products are made using only the finest, healthiest ingredients, all coming together to give your beard the very best beard oil scents on the market.

Viking Storm: This powerful yet luxurious masculine scent gives you notes of oakmoss and musk. Then we blend that with the freshness of apple and patchouli. It finishes with rich amber, plus soft hints of vanilla. Sure to impress.

Asgardian Secret: This intricate blend of complex aromas comes together to remind you of an exotic fruit tree in full bloom in early spring. Sandalwood, vanilla, and bergamot create the perfect gentle scent that instantly attracts anyone who experiences it.

Valhalla's Gates: When your journey in Midgard comes to an end, you’ll approach the Gates of Valhalla with the finest beard ever – and an other-worldly scent to go with it! The timeless favourites of citrus, amber, sandalwood, and vanilla are formulated in a different way than our other scents – suitable for the Viking who is about to receive his crow

Vanir's Wisdom: Try this complex formula and you’ll feel a powerful surge of strength with every breath. We combined spicy and woody aromas with top notes of jasmine and saffron… middle notes of amber… and base notes of fir resin and cedar. Those around you will immediately enjoy the intoxicating experience of this satisfying yet masculine scent!

Aesir's Triumph: The closer people get to you, the more they love this scent on your beard. It makes you glad to be YOU. We add exceptional masculine aromas like whisky, tobacco, cedar, and cinnamon – plus sandalwood and vanilla. The combination is extraordinary.

Alfheim's Forest: If you prefer a woodsy, leathery scent that transports you to a beautiful, quiet forest with nature in full bloom, this will be your go-to choice. Cedarwood, leather, iris, cardamom, and musk join together to put you inside your favorite fantasy in the Forests of Alfheim on a warm autumn night. Someone special will definitely want to go with you!

Surtr's Fury: The essence of this unforgettable scent is its soul-stirring quality that will make you more passionate about life and the battles ahead. People will be drawn to you like a magnet when you wear it. It’s reassuring… pleasing… alluring… and psychologically strengthening. For the bold, brave Viking you are.

Hoenir's Poem: You’ll think this fragrance was made for royalty. Perhaps it is. You’ll never find anything that smells this good, that’s for sure. It has an intriguing scent all its own – like no other aroma ever bottled. It’s mystifying…. captivating… seductive… and mesmerizing. Try it and see.