Despite recent bogus claims that our ever so trusty beards are going out of style and are no longer considered all that cool anymore, face fuzz still seems to remain as popular with many men from every corner of the globe. And it seems there might be hidden benefits to growing out a little gruff too.

Not only have our beards been scientifically proven to make men more attractive to the opposite sex, research has now revealed that furry faces could prove to be a real health benefit too.

Facial hair serves as a firewall against everyday nasties, as it becomes the perfect protection from around a staggering 90 per cent of the sun's harmful UV rays. A recent study conducted by professors at The University of Queensland have revealed, as experts have since confirmed such findings to be indeed correct.

Of course you fuzzy face fluff cannot solely protect you from the sun all by itself, as sunscreen is still very much recommended whenever you are out and about on a hot summers day, but they certainly help in blocking a percentage of otherwise harmful UV rays. Not only this, but you are also helping your skin stay protected which in turn could also delay the natural aging process, keeping you and your skin youthful and hopefully a little more wrinkle free too.

Facial hair also help boosts a man's confidence and self belief, you only have to look back in the history books to see some of the most strong willed men to ever grace our planet usually had some form of facial hair. 'The Notorious' Conor McGregor will face 49-0 Floyd 'Money' Mayweather this weekend. McGregor has never been a man to mince his words or lack self confidence, and he too sports an impressive beard which has grown ever so popular amongst his fans. Of course I am not suggesting that the Mac's self belief and stacks of confidence are single handedly down to him owning a beard, but I believe it most certainly helps with his bad ass image and self belief in his abilities, as he looks as focused as ever to shock the world this weekend in Las Vegas.

I feel our furry face forests will always get somewhat of a bad wrap in the news and media, as they continue on their one sided torrid on trying to shame our whiskers at any given opportunity, but try as they might they'll never shame us out of existence. My beard will remain with me forever more regardless of whatever the press might try to throw at us next, and I have a funny feeling I'm not alone in thinking this way either, am I right or am I right?

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And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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