Hello and jolly good day to all of my fellow TBS blog readers. We are at the halfway line of a soaring heatwave here in the UK this week, which has me hiding in the coolest corner of the room with a mini desktop fan blowing cool(ish) air full power into my furry face on the hope of surviving this smothering desert heat.

Today I wanted to touch on a topic I was recently asked over on my Instagram page, on the hope that sharing such knowledge, tips and tricks might help a fellow beardsmen out in need of help in the process of doing so. Today's topic is titled Here's How To Best Fix Beard Curls And Kinks...

Firstly, let me start by proclaiming that a curly beard shouldn't be seen as a negative nor should it be heavily frowned upon by the beholder. Having curls within your face forest only shows that you can naturally grow a thick, fuller beard than many, some people of which may even be slightly envious of your curly face locks, so don't be so stressy about having such. But for those of you who would prefer a curl-free tidy beard here's how you can begin to tackle this known issue at hand...


Start off each morning with a nice refreshing shower, and only use a fine beard wash and conditioner rather than your every day over the counter products. This will soften the hairs, making them better manageable once you begin to style it out afterward.

Don't fall into the trap of overwashing though, a healthy balance should consist of washing your face rug thoroughly around three times per week. Anything more than this could prove detrimental, causing your facial hair to dry out and split. A look I'm sure none of us are going for. Correct?

Having an untamable beard can prove highly frustrating, but having the right items to hand can see you take back control and fast. Beard oils are good, but to better tame a wild beard you should consider balms and butters.

These products often deliver better control to an unruly face forest, granting better hold when you style. Using a beard comb and brush could prove essential for straighter, curl-free fuzz. Then when you've discovered a routine that shows results you're going to have to stick with it, and not cut any corners on your grooming routine along the way. Even on those lazy weekends.


So, your beard is prepped, ready and good to go, but what about your face hidden below the rugged manly mane? Yes, taking good care of your skin is equally as important to your facial hair growth and wellbeing.

I know, out of sight, out of mind springs to mind here, but taking a little extra time aside to moisturize and exfoliate your skin will certainly help things in the long run. And doing so doesn't have to be a mammoth of a task.

You can pick up a wide array of exfoliating cleansers in numerous stores as well as online that won't break the bank. Simply massaging your face and neck will undoubtedly prove beneficial.


Now that your marvelous furry face is soft, healthy and vitalized, it is time to learn how to style it. Some choose to use hair dryers and/or hair straightening irons for quick results, whereas I wouldn't recommend this, but instead towel dry your whiskers, apply your chosen product then train your beard to sit where you would like it to by using a trusty beard comb and brush.

Granted you might not get instant results that you were originally hoping for, but given time, practice and further training your face forest will soon begin to lay where you'd like it to be.

It's similar to when you first try a new hairstyle, sometimes it doesn't instantly take and you have to train your hair, beards work in the same way. So discover what works for you and stick with it, as consistency is key here.

So, that sees today's blog come to a close. As always you are most welcome to leave us your thoughts and feedback in the comments section provided below. If you'd prefer you can follow and talk over on our many social media pages. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and of course Twitter.

And until next time, Brothers...

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