Firstly, happy Monday to you all! I know Monday mornings tend to be everyone's least desirable day and time of the week, mine included. This is usually due to the hectic lifestyles we might lead, and the fact that our weekends seem to come and fly by in what feels like a blink of an eye.

Whatever your Monday brings, I hope it is nothing short of awesome for you all. My day started a little different after receiving an email in regards to a recent article that has appeared online over the weekend, suggesting that long beards are a total turn off, urging us beardsmen to axe away at our face whiskers in order to maintain a 'clean shaven' appearance for our ladies. Please allow me a moment to elaborate...

A reporter named Anne Muiruri shared her strong feelings dead against our face fluff, slandering facial hair as 'hideous' 'raggedy-ass faces' labeling us as nothing more than 'scruffy men'. Pretty harsh use of words to make such a strong statement to say the least I'm sure most of us would agree.

The article goes on to talk about how the reporter dated a partner who refused to shave his newfound beard, so in return she followed a similar path, refusing to shave her legs, armpits and *ehem* her 'lady garden' shall we say.

It continues on into the conclusion that within just two weeks of standing firm and holding her ground, both the beard and the lady bush were gone for good, wrapping up with the sentence ''So ladies, if your boyfriend or husband has a scraggly beard he refuses to get rid off, you know what to do.''

Well, where do I even begin with an opinion about this?? I mean, I totally get not everyone appreciates a man's facial hair, and some naturally won't find a our face fluff attractive. Personal preferences do tend to differ greatly, and I'm not so narrow minded enough to think otherwise.

But I find it a bitter pill to swallow with how rude this individual is about our beloved facial hair. Furthermore I'm most pissed with the following sentence that was also included in the exact same article - ''I think beards are hideous and furthermore, I don't think it is a coincidence that the most notorious terrorists of all time all had bushy beards.''

What kind of bullsh*t statement is that for anyone to make? More so someone in the public eye? Not only is that a highly distasteful comment to make, I'm sure most would find such a comment to be disrespectful and rather offensive at the very least. That's royally giving us beardsmen the middle finger firmly in our faces. To which I would like to gracefully return the favour on behalf of every single beardsmen on the furry face of the planet.

Given that such a narrow minded individual has the skill set to punch words into a keyboard in the first place is beyond me, let alone the abilities to have this nonsense published both online and in a newspaper. Thankfully our dapper beards will continue to flourish upon the faces of most men around the globe with little to no signs of slowing anytime soon. So, stick that in your horn and hoot it!

That's enough of my Monday morning rants. I would of course love to hear what you have to say about such a one sided biased report making the rounds on the web? So, be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on brothers, Beard on...